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Sheiling School Curriculum and Assessment

Sheiling School Curriculum


Our adapted curriculum is broad and balanced and includes all the subjects found in the National Curriculum, including English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Computing, Art and Design, Technology and P.E. The curriculum is underpinned by Steiner Waldorf principles and is based on the stages and milestones of child development.


A tailored curriculum allows students to learn through the things that interest and intrigue them. Students are empowered to develop confidence, skills and independence but also their own sense of self, which is respected and prized, no matter their level of ability or disability.


For our over 16 year old students, the curriculum teaches functional, vocational and community based skills and where appropriate work experience opportunities.  Our core curriculum is enriched with sensory inputs and various social and cultural activities. The school community hosts concerts, plays and other performances throughout the year, along with celebrating various festivals and events. These provide additional opportunities for students to improve their confidence and social skills an provide a predictable rhythm and routine to their time at school. Students achieve accreditation at Entry 1 and 2 through ASDAN awards.


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School Assessment  


Academic achievement is important for our pupils, especially in the context of a rounded holistic development. Physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing are of equal importance in enabling the pupils to develop into confident individuals, in line with our aims as a school. Every pupil has an individual education plan (IEP) where we can monitor and comment progress to outcomes as identified within each student’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This is mapped and tracked against the Sheiling ‘I Can’ curriculum, which forms a bank of outcomes that students work towards during their time at the school.


Assessment in the school is based on measuring the progress in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics. This is measured using small steps for pupils working towards the National Curriculum.  The school uses proprietary software ‘Classroom Monitor’ and our own, customised assessment framework based on the principle of ‘assess what you teach’, which captures the big ideas within out curriculum and enables tracking of progress through suitably differentiated small steps of progress. Targets for progress are set each year, taking account of the prior progress and starting point of each pupil, national benchmarks and progress comparisons with other schools and pupils of similar categories of need. Evidence of progress, such as written photographs and comments, are captured alongside formative assessment measures over time, so that a quality of evidence underpins learning and so that pupils gain skills and knowledge securely and retain this over time.



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