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Our Steiner inspired therapies

Therapeutic Massage

(according to Dr Simeon Pressel)


Everybody's health and wellbeing depends on rhythmical processes like breathing, circulation, digestion, sleeping and waking. Pressel massage looks at the imbalances of these rhythms in order to strengthen and balance these processes.  The patient is surrounded by the wonderful aroma of plant oils, the warmth of the room and the quiet of a peaceful atmosphere.  Specific massage movements bring warmth and relaxation, deepen the breathing and balance and strengthen the metabolism and circulation.



Eurythmy Therapy


Eurythmy is an art of movement whereby speech and music are translated into three-dimensional space. It is employed therapeutically to instil a bodily sense for vowels and consonants, form and rhythm, to support and enhance the whole development of the child or young person.


Eurythmy is not only a therapy but a social art too and is taught as part of the school curriculum.



Colour Light Therapy


For students who suffer from attention deficit disorders this 'active immersion' in sound and colour can awaken over-stimulated senses in a calm and harmonising way.  Filtered daylight is used to create shadow movements on a screen, which are synchronised with music.  For students who cannot process the multi-sensory inputs of daily life this immersion in simple sound and colour can engage the senses.



Art Therapy


Self-expression through the artistic activities of painting and drawing are useful tools for the development of coordinated movement, attention, body-image and confidence.  The active engagement of the will in creating forms and colour both provide diagnostic and therapeutic inputs which are supported by group lessons in class.